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ManageSmarter on Close Like the Pros

A sale is more than a cold call and a close, but in today's fast-paced world, that's what it has been reduced to, as salespeople take on more responsibilities with limited resources ... on Close Like the Pros

I don’t hide the fact that I go against the grain in my search to improve procedures and systems to superserve clients while strengthening a company’s bottom line. In that quest, a book called “Close Like the Pros,” by Steve Marx, had an impact on me ... on Close Like the Pros

You've probably been taught over the years to think of closing as a big event, the key event on which all selling is focused. Steve Marx shows you why it's smarter to think of closing as a process ...
Simplenomics on Close Like the Pros

Just got finished with an absolutely great book about selling by Steve Marx. Close Like The Pros is a must read for expert salespeople and beginners alike, because you cannot read this book and not learn something about sales ...