Who this Book is Right for
Millions of people, in the United States alone, are employed in sales. They range from retail sales clerks and telemarketing representatives to sales executives whose smallest order runs well over a million dollars. No one book is ideal for all of them. Interactive selling is the strategy used by the most accomplished professionals in sales organizations that:

  1. Sell to other businesses;
  2. Expect to maintain an ongoing relationship with and to make future sales to its clients; and
  3. Sell tailored solutions developed from the company's portfolio of products, services, capabilities, and resources.
If those three characteristics describe the kind of selling you do, you’ll enjoy reading Close Like the Pros because it zeroes in on your world, addresses your challenges, and gives you the tools to be the highly ethical and outrageously successful salesperson you’ve always wanted to be.

If you’re in sales management, you’ll discover here a system that’s easily integrated into your existing sales processes, without altering existing structures and systems. In these pages you’ll find insights that elude most salespeople, practices rarely spoken of by sales trainers, a strategy that integrates your firm’s selling and your customers’ buying to achieve the kind of enduring client partnerships that have been the exception and can now become common.
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