What this Book is Not
Unlike most other books on the sales shelf, Close Like the Pros does not present a total sales solution. Here you won’t find an answer to every question you’ve ever had. This book is not an A-to-Z comprehensive selling system with forms, checklists, and templates.

You don’t need to dump everything you’re doing now in order to adopt the strategy of interactive selling—you can simply stir it into the successful systems and practices you’re using today.

My company, The Center for Sales Strategy, has been perfecting, teaching, implementing, practicing, and consulting on sophisticated and comprehensive customer-focused and needs-based selling systems since 1983. But I’ve written this book for all of you who already understand why and how you should focus on customer needs and let those needs provide the focus, power, and direction for your sale… those of you who have mastered the basics, but still want to grow, those of you who see the super-pros create powerfully strong client relationships and who want to deliver the kind of numbers they do.

If that’s not you, not yet, then put this book aside and first pick up any of the hundreds of books out there that delve deeply into assessing and responding to customer needs. Close Like the Pros moves beyond those basics, takes readers to the next level, and focuses only on how to make your sales process truly interactive.
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