How to Read this Book
I’ve designed this book to be as interactive as you would like it to be. If you want to get the full benefit of reading Close Like the Pros, you’re going to have to do some of the lifting yourself!

Interactive selling is a different way of thinking, a different way of working, a different way of talking. It doesn’t require special talent, but like other skills you’ve learned, it requires a little effort. I’ll keep showing you how and offering examples of how the pros do it, but then it’s your turn.

In fact, peppered throughout the book are personal-workshop segments I’ve called Your Turn. In each one, I’ll ask you to grab a pen or pencil, engage your brain, think about your clients, recall what you’ve learned in the prior pages, and write down exactly what you will do to put the practices of interactive selling to work. Getting into this groove requires that you ponder, plan, and practice; if you put in the practice while you’re reading the book, you’ll learn more and you’ll be closing like the pros all the sooner.

This book is interactive in another way. I welcome your comments and observations. Please email me at I read every piece of mail I receive, and you just might find a reply in your inbox! I’m also maintaining a blog here at, where you can interact with me and other readers.
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