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Author Steve Marx established The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) in 1983. it has grown in volume and stature each year since. Today, employment and revenues are at an all-time high, with 27 full-time career staff. The firm is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

CSS is a consulting and training firm that has historically focused on, and specialized in, the needs of those involved in media advertising sales. Recent client engagements have expanded the company’s capabilities more broadly into B2B sectors. CSS believes strongly in a customer-needs- and tailored-solution-focused approach to selling, and in management strategies that focus on talent as the key factor driving success.

Here are just a few examples of how CSS sales and management systems and practices help our clients add value:

  • CSS management systems help companies hire and retain the best people, managing each person as an individual—building on their strengths and working around their weaknesses.
  • CSS selling systems take the focus off the intrinsic nature of the product or service offering, and place it squarely on the prospect's needs.
  • CSS-trained salespeople ascertain the real needs of their clients—their key challenges—and respond with tailored marketing solutions that are powerful and irresistible.
  • CSS clients develop broad capabilities to serve their clients—e.g., media firms develop high levels of expertise in strategic and tactical marketing advice, client promotions, creative advertising development, events, sampling, etc.
  • CSS concepts and practices generate a strong ROI for our clients' clients—and hence, for our clients themselves.

The CSS consulting philosophy is simple… and sincere:

  • It's long-term: We're not a fad diet… but rather a permanent, healthy lifestyle.
  • It's comprehensive: There are not many sales problems for which we cannot help find a solution.
  • It's strategic and fundamental: We provide real, lasting solutions, not a mish-mash of patches and packages.
  • It's focused: Our low consultant-to-client ratio translates into a more personal service; hence, a greater positive impact on our clients' results.

At CSS we’re especially proud of our extremely high client-retention rate, due largely to the fact that our clients have first-hand experience that CSS systems really do work. We look for companies with whom we can truly partner—companies that demonstrate consistent values and stable management. We embody these values ourselves, by employing outstandingly talented professionals and providing them with the environment that has caused them to make CSS their long-term career commitment.

CSS has never run an ad touting its consulting services. We're fortunate (and flattered) that word-of-mouth has always ensured that demand for our services continues to use up our growing capacity. Our focus is on serving clients, exceeding their expectations, delivering outstanding value, and maintaining those relationships over the long haul. Finding new clients is simply a delightful by-product of doing our job well.

The following links should help you get to know our company, our people, and our core values a little better:

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To learn even more, please visit www.CSScenter.com.

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